The documentary film (dis)location – Sampa, was shot on location in digital and Super 8 in the old center of Sao Paulo in 2010. The film maps the daily ritual of three workers in this historic zone, while encompassing the complex myriad of economic systems that co-exist, define and transform the center’s geographic space. Ana Cecilia, a 32 year old illegal indigenous Ecuadorian migrant in Brazil, sells handcrafted head bands on the streets of Sao Paulo. Valdemar, a 66 year old Brazilian from the interior, came to Sao Paulo as a youth and has since worked as a “caroceiro”, a sort of unofficial binner / recycler / gleaner in the city centre. Seu Carlos, a 52 year-old building concierge, has worked in the historical Lutetia building operating the 1920’s cage elevator for over 30 years. The journey of navigating hand drawn maps to discover life in other geographical realities is part of the artistic proposal behind the project (dis)location. Triggered by touring quotidian spaces, the ambulatory narratives reveal compelling personal and collective histories while painting a social landscape of one of South America’s mega cities.


Featuring - Ana Lema Lema, Carlos Alberto Gomes, Valdemar Romao da Silva
Direction, Camera, Location Sound, Editing – Sarah Shamash
Production Assistant - Luciano de Souza Gonçalves
Sound Design and Mix - Inaam Haq
Translations – Yom Shamash

Special Thanks

Sobhi Al-Zobaidi, Lucas Bambozzi, David Brisbin (drawings), Alex Mackenzie (font design), Rachel Mascarenhas, Alex Pilis, Karina Polycarpo (FAAP), Marina Roy, Eve Shamash, Workers at the FAAP residency, Stephen Wichuk (Animation at the Purple Thistle), Exclusive Film & Video, Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grants.