Social geography is subjective and experiential. The concept behind the design of the mobile experience is to overlay the hand drawn maps of the everyday trajectories of the protagonists in Sao Paulo onto the user’s present physical reality. By taking the human body’s movement through space as a catalyst for narrative and for understanding of experience of place, the mobile component connects these two spatial realities (the physical, present reality of the user with that of the spaces in Sao Paulo). As the user navigates his / her environment with the hand drawn maps of Sao Paulo, the aim is to create experiential geography that questions and confounds the boundaries of spatial access.

While in public transport, for instance, or walking in an urban center, the mobile component allows the viewer to move through space while actively participating in (dis)location ? Sampa’s meditation on the subjective experience of ‘geography of the everyday’ based on economic, social, cultural, racial, class, gender, age parameters of spatial access. The transposition of the three Sao Paulo maps onto another environment is a way to invite the user to participate and actively share in a larger human trajectory.

There is both a GPS driven iphone application and a podcast version.

How the iphone application works:

Under construction

Triggered by the body’s movement through space, the user is invited to navigate the transposed GPS drawing of the Sao Paulo hand drawn map in their quotidian environment, while GPS satellites read the movement of the user in this parallel trajectory.

How the podcast works: The user downloads the below files and installs the m4v files to his / her mobile device.

ANA LEMA LEMA Location 1

ANA LEMA LEMA Location 2

ANA LEMA LEMA Location 3

ANA LEMA LEMA Location 4

SEU CARLOS Location 1

SEU CARLOS Location 2

SEU CARLOS Location 3

SEU CARLOS Location 4

VALDMAR Location 1

VALDMAR Location 2

VALDMAR Location 3

VALDMAR Location 4

VALDMAR Location 5